Grade It!
Grade It!
Grade It!

  • Perfect tool for grading
  • Finds percentages quickly
  • Only $.99! FREE!
  • E-mail scale sheet to yourself
  • Works on iPhone or iPad


Grade It!

Finally an Easy Grader app!

Unless you're a teacher that simply does not give assessments that require a grade, you spend wasted minutes looking up percentages and doing the math in your head or on a calculator. At classEapps we are teachers and know how precious every minute can be during your planning period, so let us help. Grade it! is the time saver you've been looking for. Throw out the old pinwheel grade calculator and let Grade it! do the work for you.

Simply enter the number of questions your assessment
is out of and generate your instant scale of incorrect,
correct, and percentages. Choose the decimal you
would like Grade it! to calculate and you're ready
to go. Generate your scale and email it to yourself
or students from Grade it!.